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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

  • According to the shipping method selected by the customer and with the timing indicated on the website, the product’s available shipping takes place within 2 (two) working days from payment.

  • Any delivery dates mentioned on the website or provided to the customer by Prolite Automation are to be taken as estimates only, particularly for purchases that are being delivered outside of India. Therefore, in the event of a delivery delay, PROLITE AUTOMATION SHALL NOT BE LIABLE.

  • In any event, PROLITE AUTOMATION disclaims all responsibility for any harm the courier may have caused. The Customer is consequently encouraged to obtain the necessary insurance or to get in touch with us to learn more about the insurance options.

  • The Customer is required to independently and solely bear the responsibility for learning about the times and procedures for the Products' customs clearance as well as any customs duties that may apply to the delivery.

Return & Exchange Policy

  • The Product must be returned within 15 days of receiving authorization from PROLITE AUTOMATION, undamaged and with all original manufacturer's documentation, including the manufacturer's box, packaging, maintenance and instruction manuals, cables, and other accessories.

  • In exceptional circumstances, at its sole discretion, and within 15 (fifteen) days of delivery, PROLITE AUTOMATION may permit the Customer to return the Product in a situation not covered by the Warranty by completing and submitting the form (the "Return").

  • The Customer is responsible for paying all costs that will be calculated by Prolite Automation after receiving and inspecting the returned product. By way of illustration, costs include (i) administrative management of the return, (ii) restocking, (iii) technical inspection and testing if required to make the product resalable/reusable, and (iv) depreciation of the product (particularly when the product has been unsealed) if it can only be sold as reconditioned; Shipping fees, customs fees, commissions, and currency conversion are among the expenses listed in (v) through (vii). PROLITE AUTOMATION will process the refund within the time frames that it will periodically disclose to the customer, which in any case will not be longer than 30 (thirty) days.

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