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Terms & Conditions

1. General

  • PROLITE AUTOMATION markets and sells industrial automation products which are new and can be published and advertised on our website or requested by the customer and procured with an estimate.

  • The customers of PA (PROLITE AUTOMATION) are mainly B2B sales and final consumers B2C sales

2. Scope

  • The General Terms and Conditions shall apply to all sales made by Prolite Automation

  • The placing of all and any purchase orders shall be deemed to imply the irrevocable acceptance by the customer of these General Terms and Conditions of Sales.

3. Registration

  • Customers intending to purchase the Products must register on our Website and create an account.

4. Order and Offers

  • The Customer places the Order (a) by choosing the Products on the Website or by sending the request for an estimate with regards to Products that are temporarily unavailable or that are manufactured to order, (b) by paying the price (including taxes, but not including customs duties, if any) and the shipping charges related to the shipping method selected amongst those available in the Platform and (c) by sending the Order following the instructions on the Website or those sent by email from Prolite Automation.

  • Our sales offers are not binding and may be changed at any time, even if they include a period of validity.

6. Product availability

  • Available products are shown on the website. Some products are not immediately available or they are manufactured to order only.

  • Those customized products are managed by PROLITE AUTOMATION by sending the relevant order to the manufacturer (Backorder)

  • PA informs the customer about the estimated delivery date.

5. Delivery

  • The Product shall be delivered to the customer at the place stipulated for delivery in the order confirmation.

  • In any case, the delivery date is given to the customer, especially for orders out of India the PROLITE AUTOMATION shall have no liability for delay in delivery.

7. Order cancellation policy

  • PROLITE AUTOMATION accepts the cancellation of the Order without charges when requested by the Customer by email, provided that (a) PA has not started the preparation of the Order yet and, in any case, (b) the Product has not been shipped and, in any case, (c) it is not a Backorder.

  • The cancellation and refund of the price paid shall be made by the instructions that shall be provided by PROLITE AUTOMATION, intermittently.

  • In any other case, the request of the customer to cancel the order will be evaluated by PROLITE AUTOMATION, which on a caser by case basis, at its discretion, may refuse or accept such cancellation, establishing the relevant conditions and charge to the customer (a) the contribution for the administrative management of the cancellation and (b) shipping costs, customs duties, commissions and currency exchange possibly already incurred by PROLITE AUTOMATION about the canceled Order.

8. Warranty

  • PROLITE AUTOMATION warranty is compatible with the warranty offered by the manufacturer.

  • Prolite Automation warrants 12 months from the date of delivery for any fault and/or manufacturing defects of new products and 3 months for reconditioned products.

  • At the time of delivery, the customer must verify the product’s conformity to the order. The Warranty does not cover the defects caused by the transport, misuse or improper assembly or maintenance, and wear and tear caused by the use.

  • Prolite Automation commits to replacing products that are damaged, non-conforming, or not intact as well as repairing or replacing products determined to be defective and covered by the warranty.

  • Except as specified below for the Consumer, the Warranty is the only warranty offered by PROLITE AUTOMATION and supersedes all other warranties, whether expressed or implied, written or oral.

  • Returns are not accepted without prior written authorization from us, which will issue the necessary RMA code (Return Material Authorization). Upon receipt, We inspect returns to confirm that the Product is the one that was originally shipped, to determine whether the alleged defect exists, and to determine whether it is attributable to its own negligence and covered by the Warranty. Only if these conditions are met will Prolite Automation replace the defective Products.

  • If we do not receive the claim regarding faults, defects, and/or lack of conformity of the Products in writing, by email (, the Customer forfeits all rights to make any claim regarding such matters, (a)within 5 (five) days of the delivery date in the event of non-compliance in the Product or patent defects, and (b) within 8 (eight) days from the date the defect was discovered in the case of hidden defects.

9. Consumer, warranty, and withdrawal privilege
  • When a customer wants to report product flaws or defects, they must contact us right away. Once the claimed flaws or defects have been confirmed, they will offer the customer instructions for free returns and replacements or any other applicable remedies.

  • The consumer who exercises the withdrawal must (a) return the products to PROLITE AUTOMATION at his own expense within 14 (FOURTEEN) Days of being notified of the withdrawal, in accordance with our instructions, (ii) pay the full cost of returning the products subject to withdrawal, and (iii) return the products intact and sealed in the original manufacturer's box, packaging, instructions and maintenance manuals, cables, and other accessories originally supplied by Prolite Automation.

  • Prolite Automation shall refund the price paid for the purchase of the Products subject to Withdrawal and return, by the same method of payment the Consumer chose for the purchase, upon verification that all the aforementioned requirements are completed, within 14 (fourteen) days of receiving the goods.

  • The costs of shipping and return of the Products are not covered by the refund; these costs remain the obligation of the Consumer.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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