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S7-300, Siemens S7-300

SIMATIC S7-300 is the mini PLC system for the lower and medium performance ranges.

The modular and fan-free design, simple implementation of distributed structures, and convenient handling make the SIMATIC S7-300 the cost-effective and user-friendly solution for the most diverse tasks in the low-end and mid performance ranges.

S7-300 has different communication interfaces:

They are Communications processors for connecting to the bus systems AS-Interface, PROFIBUS and PROFINET/Industrial Ethernet. It has Communication modules for point-to-point connections. It has Multipoint interface (MPI), integrated into the CPU. It is the low-cost solution for simultaneous connection of PGs/PCs, HMI systems and other SIMATIC S7/C7 automation systems.

The SIMATIC S7-300 is connected to the PROFIBUS DP bus system via a communications module or via the CPUs with integral PROFIBUS DP interfaces. The CPUs with PROFIBUS DP master/slave interface enable distributed automation configurations with high speed and simple handling.

Siemens S7-300 CPU
Siemens S7-300 IO Modules



Siemens S7-300 Interface modules


Siemens S7-300 Accessories


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